meet our period underwear
let's get real: periods can be a bit intimidating. but when it comes to keeping your cool and staying comfy when life gets unpredictable, we've got things covered. our reusable, period underwear comes in three styles for worry-free and all-day comfort. just wash, wear, and repeat!
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holds up to 1.5 regular tampons for stress-free coverage
stretchy, smooth, and breathable fabric feels barely there
from all-day to overnight wear, this period underwear is designed to protect
friendlier to the planet
easy to clean—just wash, dry, and reuse to cut back on waste
we’ve got you covered.
do you wear pads with period underwear?
for heavier days, use them as backup for a tampon or cup. for lighter days, wear them alone for comfier coverage.
how long can you wear period underwear?
from all-day to overnight wear, our period underwear is made to hold 1.5 tampons - or 10mL - but everyone’s flow is different. try your first pair at home to determine the what feels right for you.
what makes period underwear friendlier to the planet?
our reusable period underwear for tweens cuts back on single-use waste for a friendlier-to-the-planet alternative tweens can count on.

can you wear period underwear swimming?
while our period underwear is moisture wicking, it’s not designed to wear in the water. think of it like regular everyday underwear, but with extra period coverage.
how to wash period underwear
rinse right away
give them a quick rinse right after wear until the water runs clear.
throw them in the wash
they can be tossed in the washing machine with all your other items. just be sure to use cold water and stay away from softeners and bleach.
dry, dry, dry.
after they're washed, our period underwear can be tumble dried on low.
wear on repeat
for lighter days as a first defense, to heavier days for that extra coverage — they’re made to be worn again and again. buy a few pairs to keep you covered all cycle long.